Updated: 1/23/2020

We have all probably experienced at some point in our lives apprehension when it comes to going to the dentist. For some people, it seems better to live with tooth pain than face their fear of dentists. It’s estimated that 9-15% of Americans are fearful or anxious about going to the dentist, so they avoid it altogether. Now not everyone would say they feel that strongly, but certainly many people simply hate going to the dentist. Why? Here is a list of the top reasons why people hate going to the dentist.

1. Needles

I don’t think anyone would say that they enjoy needles. Those things are scary, especially when they are used in your mouth. Fear of needles is a major phobia for many people. That’s why there are many dental procedures now that are minimally invasive. Not every trip to the dentist has to lead to the use of needles. Dental procedures have advanced in recent years to try and accommodate the fear of needles. If you are one of those people who are gripped by fear at the thought of a needle, talk to your dentist about minimally invasive dental options for you.

2. Pain!

One of the worst parts about going to the dentist is the potential pain. Teeth don’t feel anything, but pain. Either you don’t really notice your teeth or they hurt; therefore, a trip to the dentist will never compare to a trip to the spa, but it can be relatively pain-free! There are many forms of anesthesia that dentists use to numb patients during potentially painful procedures and if you can’t even deal with the thought of pain, maybe sedation dentistry is right for you. Dentists understand that their profession is not a well-loved one, but they have many ways to keep patients comfortable and relatively pain-free.

3. Anxiety

Many people deal with anxiety before their dental appointments. You don’t know what the dentist might find and what work they might suggest. The unknown is always scary. A simple solution would be to go for just a checkup first—no procedures, just a checkup. You can sit down with the dentist and hear about what you need to have done and discuss your options. You don’t have to go in blind. Dentists are professionals and they know that patients want to understand the work they need to have done. A lot of anxiety can be conquered just by speaking to your dentist beforehand. You might even realize that your dentist is a person who wants to help you and not a monster after all!

4. Invasiveness

Many People Hate Going to the DentistDental work can feel pretty personal. The hygienist has her hands all in your mouth while she asks you about your kids and your job. Most people would consider that an invasion of space. This is just the nature of dental work, but you don’t have to sit there with a pair of hands in your mouth freaking out. Try putting in some headphones and closing your eyes. Tune out the office or watch TV if your dental office has one in the room. There are lots of ways to distract yourself. Tell us your tips and tricks for making it through a dental visit in the comment section below.


Dentistry can be expensive and dentists do their best to help their patients and make it cost-effective, but not everyone might agree that the end price is “cost effective.” Why would anyone sit through an appointment with the dentist if they’re afraid and it will cost them an arm and a leg? Dental hygiene is very important and brushing and flossing just isn’t enough. Our teeth must last our whole lives so they need special care. Fortunately, there are a number of dental discount plans that can help make dental work more affordable. Say good-bye to crazy dental bills and hello to a beautiful, healthy smile. Find a dentist near you today!


Do any of these ring true for you? Are you the kind of person who would do anything to avoid the dentist? Hopefully you have learned of helpful tips for overcoming your fear. We want you to know, you are not alone. Many people hate going to the dentist.

Let’s encourage one another!

What has helped you overcome your fear of dentists?