Updated: 2/19/2020

So you know how to drill a maxillary central incisor in 2 minutes flat and you can wield a double-end explorer with finesse, but can you Tweet the latest dental news or pore through Facebook page analytics without missing a beat? These dentists can.

In addition to serving patients all day (and, in many cases, running a business), some dentists take their expertise even farther and share it with the world through the Internet. It might be helpful dental information, or it might even be political commentary, but these dentists know what it means to really connect with people outside the office. Find out why we chose these well-connected dentists to make the Top 10 list.

1. Dr. Jacob Lipscomb. Dr. Lipscomb is a general dentist serving in Richmond and Fredericksburg, Virginia. Not only is he actively on both Facebook and Twitter, his Social Media for Dentists website is well put together, informative and easy to navigate. He even has a blog dedicated to helping other dentists get involved in social media. We chose Dr. Lipscomb because his social media blog is very helpful and frequently updated, as are his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

2. Dr. Thomas P. Connelly. Dr. Connelly blogs often through the Huffington Post about common dental procedures and problems. He is also an active Twitter user. We chose Dr. Connelly because he posts often about common dental questions many people may have. And how could he not know their questions, when he sometimes receives more than 100 comments on his blog posts? People are certainly interacting with him, and more than 11,000 Twitter followers is nothing to sneeze at.

3. Dr. Gregory Cole. Dr. Cole is a California-based dentist and blogger who consistently updates his Flap’s Dentistry Blog with all the latest news in the dental industry and other current events in health. He is actively a part of the Twitter and Facebook community, where he discusses anything from his penchant for marathons to the latest political issues. We chose this blog because he posts almost daily and updates his Twitter frequently for more than 34,000 followers. His posts are very informative and thorough.

4. Dr. Lorne Lavine. Dr. Lavine is a dentist in California and founder of Dental Technology Consultants. He runs the Digital Dentist Blog, a blog filled with helpful information on dental technology. Dr. Lavine is also actively a part of Twitter and Facebook. We chose him because he does a great job keeping his readers updated with consistent blog posts, tweets and Facebook updates.

5. β€œDr. Practice.” The Dr. Practice blog serves to provide helpful information and news about the dental industry. The DentalEZ Group has a Facebook and Twitter page as well as a YouTube channel where they post videos to further inform people about dental procedures and issues. Dr. Practice keeps its readers involved with polls and email newsletters. We chose this blog because the informative posts are updated often, and they cover topics and events that are relevant and timely for dental professionals. The added element of using YouTube is also a creative way to get more people interested in what you have to say.

6. Richard Chwalek. Dick Chwalek isn’t a dentist, but we included him in the list because he works directly with dentists through his dental blog, Niche Dental Marketing. Niche Dental has a YouTube channel where they post dental marketing and other dentist videos. He also posts on Facebook and Twitter for Niche Dental. We chose Chwalek because of his frequent and interesting posts, including videos from his YouTube page discussing more of the latest dental news.

7. Dr. Tejas Patel. Dr. Patel blogs for Austin Cosmetic and General Dentistry informing readers all about the latest in dentistry. Dr. Patel is actively involved with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and he’s even donating money to a local charity for every person who “likes” his Facebook page. We chose Dr. Patel’s blog because he does a great job of connecting with his readers and followers through social networking, and because he runs a consistent and informative blog that goes beyond the typical “dental practice blog.”

8. Dr. Larry Emmott. Dr. Emmott has a lot of experience in general dentistry, and now he speaks around the country as a dental high tech authority. His blog, Emmott on Technology, focuses on a broad scope of technological news, especially that with a dental slant. He posts several times a day, and he also connects with people through Facebook, Twitter and his own personal web page. We chose Dr. Emmott because he connects with people through his easygoing blog posts about topics that would interest everyone, not just dentists, and for his Facebook and Twitter presence.

9. Dr. John Flucke. Dr. Flucke is active in the Twitter community and also runs a Dental Technology Blog discussing all things technology, including dental technology. We chose him because he remains active on Twitter and Blogger, keeping all his followers up-to-date with the latest in technology of all types and actively responding to inquiries on Twitter and elsewhere.

10. Dr. Chetan Bhawani. Dr. Bhawani runs a Dental Advice blog informing people about the causes and treatments of different dental problems and other news in dentistry. Dr. Chetan is also on Facebook, providing answers to people’s questions, and has an email newsletter through which he sends dental updates and tips. We chose him because his posts are thorough and relevant to everyone, and he posts often on Facebook.

Whether you’re in the dental field or not, go check out these dynamic professionals and see for yourself why they’re the Top 10 Dentists in Social Media. Did we miss anyone whom you think should be included? Nominate them in the comments section for an honorable mention!