Updated: 1/28/2020

It’s now October, which means your kids are probably getting pretty excited about Halloween. What are they going to be this year? As you help them search for a great costume, don’t let them forget the importance of proper, daily dental care. Here are some great movies that can not only give your kids great costume ideas but that demonstrate kids dental care in the movies:

1. Monsters Inc.

If you’ve seen Monsters, Inc., you know how much of a motivator Mike Wazowski is. He even motivates Sulley to brush his teeth! Our kids could use a motivator like him. 

“C’mon, fight that plaque! Fight that plaque! Scary monsters don’t have plaque!”

2. The Lego Movie

It’s encouraging to know that even if it’s really subtle, brushing teeth daily still makes its way into the movies, which is great for kids!

3. Despicable Me

Here’s a good reminder to kids and parents that if you don’t brush your teeth, it’s pretty obvious with just the smell of your breath. Make sure your kids are brushing their teeth at night before they go to bed. 

4. Home Alone

Have you ever checked to make sure your toothbrush and toothpaste is approved by the American Dental Association? Kevin McCallister certainly did in Home Alone.

Kevin McCallister: Is this toothbrush approved by the American Dental Association?

Clerk: Well, I don’t know. It doesn’t say, hon.

Kevin McCallister: Well, could you please find out?

Don’t let your kids miss this holiday movie and the importance of finding the right toothbrush to brush their teeth. Kevin could have easily skipped his regular dental routine with no parents around to encourage him to do so, but he knew just how important taking care of his teeth was.

5. Stuart Little

Do you remember this scene from Stuart Little? It’s George and Stuart brushing their teeth together. Make sure your children’s toothbrush is the right size for them so they can really clean their teeth. I’m not so sure Stuart was able to properly brush his teeth in this scene because his toothbrush was much too big for him.


Whenever you’re having a tough time getting your kids to brush their teeth, try referencing one of their favorite characters to encourage them. If that doesn’t work, maybe getting them a cool toothbrush with their favorite character on it could help motivate them.

What kids’ movies have you seen that included some type of dental care lesson? Has it helped your kids?