Why purchase a dental plan just for yourself when you can share the wealth (of discounts) with the whole family, saving more money on the price of the plan (per member) the more members you add?

I was looking to get some kind of savings for much needed dental work for my mom (a senior) since she has no dental coverage. I found 1Dental.com, researched it, and saw that it REALLY DOES work. She saved well over $1,000 with the oral surgeon alone, for root tip extractions. I was shocked that this kind of savings plan exists. My mom and I are totally ecstatic to have been able to save so much money. With her being on a limited income, this savings plan helped us out tremendously. 

—Kim from Indiana

Just like Kim and her mom, being on a family dental plan can benefit all members. Below is a list of frequently asked questions when it comes to family dental plans.

Who Can I Add to My Dental Plan?

You can add anyone within your household to your discount dental plan (including children away at school or parents in nursing facilities). Even a roommate can be added if you want.

Is There a Limit to How Many Members I Can Add?

As long as they qualify (they are part of your household or considered a dependent), you can add as many members as you’d like. For instance, say you have 8 kids and a spouse to include on your plan (10 members total). You will be able to purchase the 3+ members’ plan for $179/year or $24.95/month and use the plan as much as you’d like. That’s a great deal, especially for families!

Will We Each Receive Our Own ID Card in the Mail?

You will receive two ID cards in the mail in 7-10 business days after you purchase your plan. These ID cards can be shared and used among family members on the account. It will list the Primary Name on the card + “Family” or “Dependent.” The ID number will be the same on each of the cards, because you share one account.

1Dental Careington 500 Plan: 2 Members

1Dental Membership Card with Dependent

1Dental Careington 500 Plan: 3+ Members

1Dental Membership Card with Family

When your dentist calls to verify your plan, all of the members’ names on that account will be in the system.

If you would like more cards for your family, call Member Services at the number found on your ID card. We will send you additional cards.

Can We All Use the Plan at Once?

Absolutely. As mentioned above, your dental plan has one account number for the whole family. The dentist will verify that your name is on the account and then you can begin using your plan whenever you want and as much as you want, even while another family member is at the dentist at the same time.

Do We Have to Go to the Same Dentist?

No, you do not have to go to the same dentist as the other members on your plan. However, make sure you go to a dentist who is in our provider network, which you can find here on our website

Can I Change to a Smaller Plan Later?

If one of the members on your dental plan decides they don’t need it anymore—decreasing your plan from 3 members to 2 or from 2 members to 1—you can change to a smaller plan. You can do this by calling Member Services. The number is on your ID card.

This change will depend on a few things:

Are You Within the 30-Day Trial Period?

If you are within your 30-day trial period (you purchased your plan in the last 30 days) and decide you want the 2-member dental plan or 1-member dental plan, give us a call. You can switch to the smaller plan and we will refund you the difference in cost between your plans.

Are You on a Monthly Payment Plan?

If you are on a monthly payment plan and decide a smaller plan would be better for you, you can switch at any time. Let us know if and when you would like to switch. We will make that change for you and you will see the lower price reflected on the following month’s bill.

Do You Need to Wait Until Renewal Time?

If you are past the 30-day trial period and you have already paid the annual amount for the year, let us know of the plan change you would like to make and the lower rate will be reflected at the time your plan renews (one year after purchase). You will still have use of the 3 or more member plan for the rest of your plan year.

In this case, consider if there is someone else in your household, or someone who is one of your dependents, that you would like to add to the plan.

Can I Add Another Member to My Plan Now?

Sure! Give us a call at 855-329-6305. If you already have the 3+ member plan, you can call and add additional members to your plan at any time. If you have the 1- or 2-member plan, you can call and upgrade to a larger plan at any time and simply pay the difference in plan costs.


If you have a 1- or 2-member plan and decide halfway through the year that you want to upgrade and add another member, you will not have to pay the full difference between plans. For example, say you have the 2-member plan, which you paid $149.00 for at the beginning of the year (less the $20 processing fee), you will only need to pay $15 to upgrade your plan mid-year (no processing fee necessary) to the 3+ member plan. When it is time to renew your plan, that is when you will pay the full price of your upgraded plan. So for a 3+ member plan, that would be $179.00/year. Make sense?

1Dental Tooth

Upgrade your plan now by calling us at 855-329-6305! 

Dental care is something the whole family needs. Whether you’re a family of one or a family of 10, there is a dental plan out there for you that is designed to help you save money at the dentist and get the dental care you need.