Updated: 12/31/19

We are pleased to announce that America’s top personal finance expert Dave Ramsey has officially endorsed 1Dental for our dental savings plans!

As a company, we are proud of the product we sell. We’ve seen how dental savings plans work to deliver significant savings to our members – and to everyone who works at 1Dental! That’s why we get excited when others see their immense value!

Dave Ramsey’s Official Endorsement of 1Dental.com

“I am a fan of 1Dental.com… In fact, I have team members who have saved over a thousand dollars for one procedure! Start saving today!”

If you listen to The Dave Ramsey Show, you’ve probably heard Dave’s thoughts on dental insurance. He’s not a fan. Dave says it seldom pays off. 

Many families invest a large amount of money each month (often $100 or more!) to maintain their dental insurance, believing that when dental problems arise they’ll be covered. But insurance doesn’t always work that way. Let’s say you need a crown. Even with some of the best dental insurance plans, there might be a 2-year waiting period for that treatment. In order to get the crown when you need it, you could end up paying out-of-pocket for it, on top of what you’re paying monthly for your insurance! This can easily break a family’s budget.


How Do Dental Plans Work with My Budget?

  • Low monthly or annual payments instead of high insurance premiums
  • Use dental savings plans right away (Don’t wait for a dental emergency)
  • All pre-existing conditions are accepted
  • No annual maximums
  • Don’t worry about claim forms or deductibles; pay the discounted rate for your treatment at your visit and be done
  • Save on orthodontics (for kids and adults) and other cosmetic work

These dental plans work great with your family’s budget and will save you from wasting money. 

Dental savings plans work differently than traditional dental insurance. You’re investing a very small amount for the plan to receive discounts at the dentist for the procedures listed on our website.

Our dental plans work similar to a Costco membership. You purchase the plan to get access to savings on your dental care. With dental savings plans, the rates our members pay are pre-negotiated with dentists. You choose from tens of thousands of dentists across the country, but unlike dental insurance, pre-existing conditions are accepted and there are no waiting periods, no maximums, no claim forms and no deductibles. It even includes orthodontics for kids and adults!

Plus, our dentists love them! By accepting our plans, they get free advertising and more customers to fill appointment slots.

Dave Ramsey isn’t the only one talking about 1Dental. Find out how Diane and her husband saved over $3,000 in just 3 months!

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