Find yourself lost in a sea of ideas for Halloween costumes each year? The ideas seem limitless. At one point in time, choosing a costume was easy, right? Ghosts, goblins, witches or wizards… Now we have so many characters to choose from, from TV shows, movies, books, YouTube celebrities and the list goes on and on! One thing is for sure though, every Halloween is full of new surprises—what are your friends and family going to dress up as next?

Our company celebrated Halloween a day early this year. There was a treasure hunt, costume contest and a candy bowl that just kept refilling itself so that we consumed much more candy than our normal diets are used to. But it is Halloween! It’s okay to splurge a little, right?

The costumes are the most entertaining though, and what’s great about the costumes we’re about to show you is that you can make them all yourself! You don’t have to go out and spend an exorbitant amount of money on a costume you will probably only get to wear once. Here are some of the characters that filled up our office yesterday:


First-Place Pumpkins

First-Place Pumpkins Costume

While creative and fun, this idea takes you back to the basics of Halloween–pumpkins! The costume is a cute couples costume, or a great individual costume.

You’ll need an orange t-shirt, black paint, a paintbrush, green ribbon, and a blue ribbon (optional) if you want to be a first-place pumpkin!

Despicable Me Costumes!

Great group costumes. We have Gru in the middle and then the two minions on either side of him. And if you really want to commit, you can go around speaking like minions and Gru all day.

For the minion costume, you’ll need a yellow hoodie; overalls (not easy to find. Check thrift stores and Goodwill); goggles; black, blue and gray duct tape; and some black pipe cleaners. And for Gru, you’ll just need to get a scarf similar to the one in this picture and wear black.

The Koala and the Tree

Koala and Tree Halloween Costume

This is another cute couples costume! They won second place in the costume contest for our building. Way to go!

For the Koala, you’ll need a gray sweatshirt and leggings, fuzzy white material for the belly and inner ears and felt for the ears that you’ll attach to a headband.

For the tree, you’ll need to wear brown and get a green vine with leaves you can wrap around you.


Cindy Lou Who

Cindy Lou Who Halloween Costume

This costume reminded us of the season that will be upon us very, very soon–Christmas! I’m sure most of you have seen the Christmas decorations that are already on display at several mainstream stores.

For this costume, if you Google Cindy Lou Who hair tutorials, you can find some great videos that show you exactly how this hairdo is done. She also wore a red tutu and red shoes with this. Very cute!

Garbage Can Man

Man in Garbage Can Halloween Costume

This one is for the pranksters out there. This trash can was sitting in our hallway yesterday and as people would walk by the man in this trash can would jump out at them.

For this costume, you just need to get a plastic trash can, cut out the bottom and cut slits up the sides of it so it is easier to get inside and maneuver around. I believe he also connected a strap to the lid so when he jumped out the trash can lid would stay on his head. Very funny.


Back to the Future

Hopefully most of you remember Marty McFly. This is a simple costume but with the right props and dialogue, people will know who you are in no time!

For this costume, you need a blue plaid shirt, red vest, jeans, sneakers, a watch, sunglasses and a print-out of the car.

Make sure to memorize some lines from this movie so you can use that as a way of communicating to your friends who you are.


Hipster Belle (with the Minions)

Here’s another picture of the minions, but with them you will see Hipster Belle. If you don’t know what a hipster is, basically it’s just a group of individuals who follow the latest fashions and trends. One common fashion trend hipsters like to adopt is wearing big sweaters, big glasses, a baggie beanie, skinny jeans and knee-high socks showing at the top of their boots.

To make this into a Belle costume, try finding a yellow sweater or a yellow tanktop to wear beneath a baggie sweater, a rose necklace and earrings and then carry around a book or two.


MMA Fighter

 An MMA Fighter is a mixed martial arts fighter.

You’ll need athletic shorts, a sports shirt and hand wraps with this costume. Hopefully you will have most of those items in your home already, but you can always ask your friends if you can borrow any of these items from them.

Another requirement for this costume is having a fierce attitude. To dress like an MMA Fighter and have your friends understand your costume, you have to play the part. You don’t want people thinking you’re not tough! (However, word of advice, don’t get into fights at work. You’re not really an MMA Fighter).


New Dad

New Dad Halloween Costume

Funnily enough, this employee actually is a new dad so he chose this costume to not only dress up for the day but to do so in comfort.

For this, all you need to do is wear your pajamas and a robe. Oh, and of course you need to look tired. What new dad comes to work in his pajamas without being tired, right?

Supply Closet

If you ever forget it’s costume day at work, this is the costume for you. Go around the office and find different items that you can then clip onto what you are already wearing.  Then you’ll have your own creative costume! No one need know you forgot it was costume day at work.


Who were you for Halloween this year? Post your response in the comment section below and share with us how you came up with the idea.