Updated: 2/11/2020

Confused about the connection between Careington and 1Dental? Are you wondering where Aetna fits into all this? Here we explain some common questions you may run into as you pursue the best dental savings for your family.

How 1Dental is Connected With Careington

1Dental.com works hand-in-hand with Careington International to provide some of the nation’s #1 dental plans for thousands of agents, affiliates and new members at a low cost. Two dentists created the first discount dental network in 1979, the Careington Dental Network. (Click here to learn how discount plans work.) In 1998, our 1Dental office started offering those Careington dental plans to individuals. 1Dental.com is the primary setup office for individual Careington plans like the Careington Care 500 and Careington POS plans.

1Dental.com is the company that can provide you with a dental plan, whereas Careington is the name of the actual dental network. Your dental discount card bears the Careington logo, not the 1Dental.com logo, because that is the name of the specific network of dentists. This is not insurance. You can learn more about Careington on our 1Dental History page.

When you sign up for a dental plan on 1Dental.com, you’re not signing up for a “1Dental plan,” because 1Dental offers several different plans. That’s like saying you bought an “Amazon book,” when it really doesn’t describe the actual book you purchased. You could, however, say you bought “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” from Amazon.com, just like you could say you bought the Careington Care 500 plan from 1Dental.com.

What About the Aetna Plan?

Aetna is a familiar name with a vast provider network, so Careington worked with the company to provide the Aetna Dental Access plan for those who may be hesitant about leaving their dentist. If you become a member of the Aetna dental plan, your membership card will say both Careington and Aetna.

Our most important goal at 1Dental is to provide our customers with nationwide access to the most longstanding, affordable and reputable dental plans.